the new to-go coffee cup

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a Simple, lid-less design to reduce plastic waste

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Why Unocup? 

Coffee drinkers want a cup which they feel will contribute to waste reduction, while still keeping the great feeling of drinking coffee. So far, it has been difficult to find a solution that is both pleasant to use and environmentally friendly. 

Unocup achieves this through a well-tested folding design to create its own lid as an integrated top. It is a breeze to fold, hold, drink from, and reopen, as well as less likely to spill. 

saving the planet

8.25 million tons of plastic waste enter the ocean each year. Plastic lids make up approximately 5% of that.

Plastic lids often do not get recycled and, in turn, pollute our oceans. Straws have previously garnered wide-spread attention due to their impact on ocean pollution, but in fact plastic lids make up to 8.25 times more of ocean waste than straws do.

With Unocup, collecting used paper cups becomes easier since customers will no longer need to deposit lids and cups into two different collection bins.

the entire cup life cycle becomes more streamlined and sustainabl.

cheaper, faster, smaller

Due to Unocup’s integrated top, businesses will benefit from significant cost savings since there is no need to manufacture, store, or ship plastic lids. Its one-piece structure is optimized for mass-production using existing traditional cup-making machines.

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